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PHIL 215 / ARBUS 202 Online: Professional and Business Ethics—Assignment 1

General Instructions: Write a brief essay on the topic given below. The essay should be approximately 3 doublespaced pages in length (900-1000 words, and strictly no more than 1000 words). The assignment is due on Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 11:55 pm. Submission: You must submit your work online through the Assignment 1 Dropbox in UWACE. Please note carefully that only ONE file will be accepted to the Dropbox. Therefore, you must not use the dropbox to store drafts or otherwise incomplete versions of your work. Use only supported browsers (as listed here) to submit your work. See pp. 2-3 of this assignment sheet for detailed instructions on preparing online submissions and using ACE Dropboxes. The following pieces of information MUST be on the front page of your assignment: * Full Name * Student ID Number * Course Name and Number * Assignment Number * Date Late papers will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day late. No exceptions will be made without a documented excuse of sufficient weight (e.g., a medical emergency). Note on plagiarism: Passing off the work of others as your own constitutes plagiarism and is a serious offence. All suspected cases of plagiarism are referred to the Associate Dean's office. See for important information on plagiarism and other academic offences. See p. 2 of this assignment sheet for instructions on appropriate methods of citation for your essay.

Topic and Instructions: Consider the following scenario. A large pharmaceutical company develops a drug that is highly successful as a treatment for chronic and severe depression. Much time, energy and money has been invested into scientific research on this drug, and although it has a high success rate for most people, it has also been found to have serious side-effects for 1% of the population. One of the possible side-effects is an increase in...

Citations: For the purpose of this assignment, you do not need to provide citations for ideas drawn from the textbook and/or lectures. You are free to synthesize and apply ideas from these sources without citation: There are, however, two exceptions: 1) You must provide citations if you directly quote (i.e. word for word) either from the textbook or the online lectures. If and when you do so, parenthetical references with the following information should be provided: [, ]. Direct quotations, if used as all, should be used sparingly. 2) You must provide citations and complete bibliographical information for any outside sources you utilize in preparing your essay, whether you quote, paraphrase, or merely mention ideas from these sources. You should be aware, however, that it is unnecessary to consult outside sources for the purpose of this assignment, and it may even be a distraction to do so. It might be best, therefore, to work exclusively on the basis of the materials provided within the course. Guidelines for Submitting Papers Online:

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To ensure that your instructor can open your file and that your formatting looks the way you intended, you MUST save your file in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). Save your final document with the following naming structure: yourlastname_assignment.doc (or .docx, or .rtf) Ensure that the name of your file does not include special characters such as symbols or punctuation. Such characters may cause problems with the upload. Please upload only one file per assignment (i.e., combine all documents into one file). Do not zip your files. There is a maximum file size of 2 MB. If your file is larger than 2 MB, please contact Technical Support for assistance. We can only accept the following file types: o Rich Text Format (.rtf) o Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
How to Submit Assignments Online Using a UW-ACE Drop Box Steps 1. Click on the Attachments button within the drop box to upload your assignment from your computer. 2. Click on the Browse button to look for your assignment file on your computer. 3. Find and select your assignment file and click Open. The file path and assignment file name will appear in the Upload a File box. 4. Upload your assignment by clicking the Upload File button. When the file has finished uploading, the name of your file will appear in the Uploaded Files box. 5. Click the Finished button. If you do not click the Finished button, the file will not be uploaded. 6. You will now see your assignment listed under the Attachments button. 7. Enter an appropriate title for your assignment. 8. Click the Submit button. Then click the OK button. How to Check your Submission in the UW-ACE Drop Box After you have completed the submission process, a table will appear at the bottom of the drop box page. This table will include a link to your submitted document and may be used by your instructor to display your grade and/or comments. Please ensure that your submission is visible in this table. If you are having difficulties uploading your files, please try the following: • Check the computer requirements. Note that Safari is not supported for either Mac or PC. • Ensure that your file name does not contain any special characters such as such as #, +, -, *, !, or ? • Mac Users: Ensure that there is an extension at the end of your file name (e.g., Assignment1.doc). If you are still experiencing difficulties after checking the above items, please contact Technical Support. NOTE: Your graded assignments will be returned to you as PDF files through the assignment drop boxes. Review the graded file for feedback on your work.
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