Philosophy with Logic

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Philosophy with Logic
What is philosophy?
Philosophy has many questions- Asking the right questions… From Greek word PHILO (Love) & SOPHIA (Wisdom) which means lover of wisdom * PHYTAGORAS, a Greek Philosopher, was the first to use the term Philosophy. * He noted that there are three types of man:

a. lover of pleasure
b. lover of success
c. lover of wisdom
* the last, according to him, is the SUPERIOR TYPE.
* Wisdom here deals with the principles of things, the first cause of all beings. It deals with an understanding on the meaning of one’s existence and the importance of things around her/ him (Socio, 2007)

The chief goal of wisdom is a fundamental understanding of reality as it relates to living a good life. * We might say then, that wisdom is good judgement about complex situations.
Consequently, wisdom involves reflection, insight, a capacity to learn from experience and some plausible conception of the human condition (Buenaflor, 2009).
Philosophy is a search for meaning and therefore intended only for the rational beings.
He who has the why of things can bear almost any how…- Victor Frankyl
Philosophy uses reason to attain its object.
Whatever is one’s state in life, whenever she is and whatever she does she will always be left philosophizing.
Therefore philosophy is always present.
Philosophy- The science of all things by their first causes as known by the light of reason
Philosophy covered all aspects of human knowledge.
The early philosophers believed that philosophy is the foundation of all learning in the possibility of a total world picture and in the unity of all truths- whether scientific, ethical, religious or aesthetic.

Philosophy as subject sought to provide if not all the answers the, the answers to at least the most ultimate and fundamental questions.
Why study Philosophy?
The study of Philosophy is very important because it offers students a chance to explore the fundamental questions about human existence and to see exactly what thinkers in different periods have had about the essence of human being.

Philosophy can help clarify our thoughts. The clearer a person thinks the more she/he expresses himself/herself and more accurate way of examining and making decisions about life.
It is philosophy that digs into the root causes of man’s problems and discovers the true solutions and remedies to human ills.
Plato- The Philosopher King
Why study Philosophy?
Philosophy is one of the best ways of enriching your life, even as it prepares you for life.
Philosophy's critical skills offer the best defense against foolishness and falsehoods.
Philosophy is one of the most practical subjects in college.
Logic helps the students in the following areas:
* Interpretation & Analysis
* Abstract Reasoning
* Research & Synthesis
* Communications
Branches of Philosophy
* Logic- the science of correct reasoning
* Epistemology- it deals with the origin and validity of human knowledge * Metaphysics- it deals with the study of beings and the origin of things. * Theodicy- the study of God in the light of natural reason.(Philosophy of Religion) * Cosmology- the study of the universe from a philosophical viewpoint * Philosophical or Rational Psychology- the study of man not only as a thinking or sensing being but as compose of body and soul * Ethics- a philosophical study that deals with how life should be lived and the means of attaining a meaningful existence. * Aesthetics or Philosophy of Arts- deals with the philosophical study of arts and beauty. It answers the question like What is beauty?

Philosophy can also be divided into the following branches called Philosophies of Discipline * Philosophy of Persons- it deals with the study about the dignity of man, truth, freedom, justice, love, death and his relationship with others and with God....
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