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Philosophy of the United States Education

By khirsch26 May 12, 2014 499 Words
Philosophy of the American Education System
Considering that there are two different types of school boards in the American education system, there are many different roles that they play based on the level that they are located at. At the state level, a school board sets learning standards for the state. They are responsible for setting teacher certification requirements, coming up with the budget for the state. The local school board issues a levy, an official request for taxes (local property taxes). It also hires the superintendent, sets the budget for the school district, approving principals selections for staff and teachers in their schools. Write policy (which governs how the school district is to be run). It gives explicit instructions to the superintendent, the teachers, and the parents as to how to run the schools throughout the district.

The role of society in the education of students is simply that the community pays property taxes, so upkeep of community. Providing outside resources for students, and providing a safe community for the students.

The role of laws in protecting students’ and teachers’ rights are exactly what it states. The laws are there to protect the students and the teachers’ rights. The laws are also there to try to create the most equalized opportunities for each student to get their education that is their right to have. No matter their gender, age, handicap, disability, or medical condition.

Appreciation and respect for diversity and equity is necessary. Every teacher needs to understand how to go about teaching a diverse classroom and making the classroom as equal as possible. If teachers can master how to approach a classroom full of diverse students, it will only benefit the students. After all, every student is an individual.

Collaboration with parents, professional and community members is also essential. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” is applicable here. A students needs all aspects of society to cooperate to become successful. The school needs the parents to cooperate with them to make sure that the student is on track, and getting the support that the students need. The community members and the schools need to work together to create the opportunities for students. Local businesses can offer opportunities like tours, or internships for students. The parents need to communicate and collaborate with the community members to express their wants and needs for their students, and can what most benefit them.

Accountability to learners, parents, and the community is the center of education. In order to be successful as a student you have to be able to hold yourself accountable for your own education. As a student continues on in their education, they must become more responsible for their decisions, classes, and grades. Parents must hold themselves accountable for their job to help their children obtain anything they could possibly need to succeed. The community is accountable for providing the schools and parents with the recourses that they need to make every child a success.

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