Philosophy of Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Philosophy of Sex
Philosophy of sex is philosophy that involves the study of sex and love. But what is love? Love is a deep affection towards a person. And what is sex? To have sex is engaging in sexual intercourse between a male and female. This causes phenomena. Is prostitution or rape sex? Does homosexuality affect the definition of sex? And what motivates people to have sex? Kant’s second formulation is that people should treat all people as ends in themselves and not merely as a means to their own ends. Focuses on the impact our actions will make. Suppose someone wanted to have sex with another person, if they did so against their will, for their own selfish needs not considering theirs, it would be rape. If they generalize that, they themself would be subject to rape. That does not mean they can't have sex, but they have to consider the effect on the other person as well, it must be mutual. This really comes down to an issue of free will. If they forced their will on others, with no consideration of their wants, they would also force theirs on them and neither of them would be free. Prostitution is Rape. A man’s payment does not erase the physical and emotional damage the woman has gone through. No amount of payment could ever replace that. Many children are a victim of rape as well. Sometimes it is by their fathers, family members, or a close friend of the family. Victims of rape often manifest long-term symptoms psychologically. The rape becomes a burden they carry for the rest of their lives. It can severely impact victims in ways we can only imagine like developing a poor sense of trust, love, intimacy, and self-esteem. Many victims are unable to live normal lives and reach their full potential and all they have to give the world. Rape is forcing or bribing someone to have sex with you despite the fact they are don’t necessarily want to. You are having sexual intercourse, but where is the love? Some may view rape as still having sex, but others may...
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