Philosophy of School Counseling

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Human Nature
It is human nature to take the easy way when given a choice between an easy option and a difficult one. However, the easy way is not always the best way to grow and progress. Growth occurs when adversity is present, not when there is an absence of adversity and everything is easy. The Roman poet Horace observed, "Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." Horace's contention examines the role that adversity plays in the development of one’s character and understanding difficulty and suffering. It is in times of trouble, when adversities thrusts itself upon one that true character is make known. I am an optimist and believe that people are fundamentally good even if some people make bad choices. I always tell my students that there is no such thing as a bad person, just someone who has made some bad choices. It is refreshing that the ASCA National Model asserts that all students can learn and improve and works to realize that goal and overcome the obstacles that prevent students from being challenged (2012). People Can Change

Everyone needs hope that life can be wonderful, positive, and worth living for. I like to see others as they can become. As a professional school counselor, I can provide the incentive for positive change. Every person needs to feel that he or she amounts to something, that there are great possibilities or great expectations. Each person is capable and worthwhile given the right opportunities and chance to overcome past mistakes. People change when they are given hope, encouragement, and a way out of the troubles that consume them. As a professional school counselor, I have the opportunity to help students change their lives by developing a trusting relationship and helping them see ways to become better. Ultimately, the student has to make that choice for him or herself. I can only offer change, but that change has to be a decision the student makes...

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