philosophy of nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Madeline A. Cameron
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

My personal philosophy views nursing as a calling. I believe that all nurses have a personal duty to delineate personal and spiritual truths, pursue continuing education and provide competent and unbiased care to all patients.

“Spirituality in health is inextricable in each person’s search for the discovery of the truth about self and the meaning and purpose of life.” (, 1997) In order to help those who are vulnerable, the nurse must have a well-defined spiritual foundation and personal moral standards from which to draw in difficult times. “Healthy communities are the product of healthy individuals who sow spiritual seeds such as unconditional positive regard, acceptance, respect and dignity for the benefit and advancement of individuals and humankind as a whole.” (, 1997) Associate degrees in nursing are an admirable, however Baccalaureate and Master degrees are becoming the standard in nursing education. “More health care organizations are working to raise quality standards and meet consumer expectations for safe patient care, and that translates into higher demand for more educated nurses.” (Robert Wood Johson Foundation, 2011) Nurses have to be cognizant of complex issues that surround the delivery of quality and cost effective patient care. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Baccalaureate nursing programs provide a more comprehensive understanding of matters such as social and economic issues that affect patients and various care delivery systems. (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014) Nurses should also demonstrate competence by seeking continuing education opportunities and specialized degrees.

“Nurses can provide unbiased, scientifically based information about all available options to be considered. This enables patients to consider all options and choose...

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