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Philosophy of Mind and Self-conscious Secondary Emotions

By MicheleZavaglia Jun 21, 2013 423 Words
Guidelines from Paige:

Question: How is the development of a child’s theory of mind linked to the development of self-conscious secondary emotions?

A: The FIRST sentence answers the question/s.

The development of a child’s theory of mind is linked to the development of self conscious secondary emotions through (List here: THREE SOCIAL CONTEXTS.)

B. PARAGRAPH ONE: WHAT CONSTITUES A CHILD”S THEORY OF MIND. Talk about WHAT child’s theory of mind. Don’t be OVERLY DESCRIPTIVE – the purpose of this paragraph is to establish some points by which you can compare or contrast with the next paragraph. OR GENERAL COMPARSIONS – i.e. Apples, in comparison to the other fruits, have a less protective skin.

C. PARAGRAPH TWO: Talk about WHAT self conscious secondary emotions are. In this paragraph, you can either choose to A) just do what you did in paragraph one, i.e. explain characteristics of the development. OR B) you can choose to make some GENERAL comparison statements. i.e. While apples have a relatively soft outer shell, oranges have quite a hard one.

D. PARAGRAPH THREE: CHILDS theory of mind – HOW it is developed.

E. PARAGRAP FOUR: Secondary Conscious Emotions – Name them and HOW it is or are they developed!

(QUICK RECAP JUST FOR YOU: In para 1 and 2, you have talked about the characteristics of the theories. In para 3 and 4 your have talked about the DEVELOPMENT of these theories.)

F. PARAGRAPH FIVE and SIX and SEVEN: You are going to DISCUSS the DIFFERNECES and SIMILARITIES between the developmental outlines (which you have outlined in para 3 and 4). YOU NEED TO MAKE COMPARISIONS BETWEEN THIS – YOU NEED TO MAKE CLEAR LINKS.

HOW you do this clearly, is by coming up with three links – e.g. taste, appearance, selling qualities. YOU are going to put these in different paragraphs. One for taste, one for appearance and one for selling qualities. Start off the paragraphs with a clear statement like this.

The development of a child’s theory of mind is linked to the development of self conscious secondary emotions through the ___________(i.e. taste). THEN – Reason A with example. Reason B with example.

In Para 5 and 6, you are going to talk about the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITES and HOW THEY HAVE BEEN INFLUENCED between these developments.

PARAGRAPH SIX: Paige will tell you more about this later.

For now: Go and get that information and place it in a folder. Share this folder with WK and then pick out what you need for your assignment.

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