Philosophy of Love

Topics: Religion, Human sexuality, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 15, 2013

Coalesce into One
In order to decide whether the erotic love, which is the virtue of spirituality in some senses and is a debatable issue, can be called as spiritual event or not, first all requirements of spiritual event and spirituality itself should be analyzed in terms of its relationship between passion and excitement. When thinking the spirituality as whole, one can imagine that it is like a mutual soul of human nature, on the other hand, even the nature itself. At first sight, before examining the erotic love the religious issues should be established, the spirituality seems to be closer to the religions because it is a word with different meanings and means also the soul but the distinction between spirituality and religion is so simple that spirituality, of course like religion, consists on belief but it is not a preliminary matter of beliefs but a ladder for living and for interacting the world and other humans, whereas the religion itself is depend upon belonging to its brought, in addition, spirituality is much more broder cencept than the religions. Spirituality, as pointed out in the name of the book is the thoughtful love of life which means that it is not only composed of feeling but also thought. In other words, it is part of the existence of human composed of thoughts, passions, and love. “Whatever else it may be, spirituality is passion. The spiritual life is a passionate life.” (Solomon, 2002). Love is the 2

essence of good way of living as love of life, sexual love. If spirituality is considered as mutual soul of human nature and nature itself, then sexual, erotic, love would be account on this because it is the very first of human nature. “Why should spirituality always be considered quiet, calm, solemn? Spirituality is also that erotic conception of life…” (Solomon, 2002). Erotic love is sexual desire and lust and is to want coalescing into one. After our birth we always feel an emptiness in our soul and then the desire to be...

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