Philosophy of History

Topics: History, Historian, Past Pages: 10 (3397 words) Published: June 29, 2014
History plays an important role in our lives because it gives the answer for our questions, solutions for our uncertainties, and key for us to understand. History is a thing for us to know the preceding activities that involve humanity; it is a constant process of the relationship between the historian and his data, a never-ending conversation between the present and the past. The very essence of history is its being pure, the reliability of the information and its arrangement according to what really happen, for me, is what matters the most. “History is distinctive”, and is somewhat like a photo album — a long series of pictures, unmoving. Once an event happen, there is no other event will again exactly repeat it. A lot of us clearly remember the shooting of Senator Ninoy Aquino; the images are forever imprinted in our memories. For sure there is another assassinations will occur as time moves, but none will ever be a photocopy of that terrible day. “History is special”, there is no such thing as “time machine”, as televisions always fantasize about returning into the past, it can’t be done. How I have wished on possibility that I could return to the times for just at least one day, visiting the house of my cousins and seeing there, our bonding moments, in celebrating the upcoming New Year. I would definitely cherish every single moment of our lives while we’re young, wild, and free. Thanking them with teary-eyed for having blessed my life richly. But “past is past”, as what other says, that the past cannot be recovered. We can’t come back to the “nice previous days”. I knew it’s hard but it’s true, it is the reality that we were facing through here, that our lives is limited and temporary, so we must seize every single day we live while we’re still breathing. “History is fixed”, despite of how mankind may wish it were or else, history is anything it was. It cannot be changed nor altered. Take for example, Ninoy Aquino’s assassination cannot be altered to suggest that if the personnel exited first in the airplane, he might be shoot first by the suspects and may save the life of his boss. Realistically speaking, that is indeed it is so significant to perform now, what you will be incapable to do in the future, because we were not certain for the possible things might happen to our lives. “History is irretrievable”, I was preoccupied by the bad memories of my high school days when my brother scolded by our adviser because of the thing I have done. I skipped an hour or two just to join my classmates to go to an island, somewhere in Pagadian City, we get busted the following day by our teacher because some of my classmate told her, and we were asked to call our parents to inform our misconduct. I was horrified because for the first time of my life my parents were asked to visit in the school for my bad behavior. I was not the kind of student who did horrible things, so it’s a pretty big deal for me. Luckily, my parents were not being able to visit, so my brother was agreed to visit my teacher, he was scolded and advised to discipline me. I’ve accepted what might had happened to me but I was shocked and glad that my brother didn’t narrate exactly what happened, but he reminded me that once I did it again he might exposed my wrongdoing. But the past could not be reversed, no one can reverse the numerous careless things that stained our previous days, awful acts cannot be uncompleted, so it made me realized, not to do it again and instead obey my parent’s advice. “History is the answer or the key to the eagerness of individual to know about them”, without history, those great men in the past will never be remembered and will not be acknowledged of what they had done. Remember that those early people were the one who designs our system of today. In short, we are today because of them. What do you think will happen if Magellan found directly the Sabah Islands which is somewhere in Malaysia? Maybe Philippines is one of the Muslim...
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