Philosophy of Education Paper

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Lauren Wilson
11th English
Philosophy of Education Paper

Every person will encounter some form of education in his lifetime. What people learn from their parents at home is just as much of an education as is going to school in a building with other people. Education defines a person from their home, their schooling, and their experiences or encounters in life. Education is knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge when it is taught to a person or group of people. Because education occurs in so many places and at so many levels, a successful education results from students, parents, teachers, and the government fulfilling their particular role.

First, a student has many responsibilities toward his own education because he is the one actually receiving it. It is the student’s job not only to listen to what he is being taught, but to take those facts and turn them into reality—apply the lessons learned. It is also a student’s responsibility to care for his own work. I have nothing against a teacher, regardless of grade level, reminding the class about an assignment or even sending a weekly email with homework. The only thing I do disagree with is when students today blame missed assignments from their absences on the teachers. In college, a weekly email becomes a handout with all assignments and the due dates for the whole semester. There is no way a teacher or professor is going to be held accountable for not informing the student of his work. Another area where a student is responsible for his education is time management. While being on a sports team is a commitment and demands a lot, the student cannot blame sports for unfinished work; it is the student’s job to manage his time wisely throughout the week around his sports schedules in order to not only finish the assignments but to perform them effectively and thoroughly.

Second, a parent’s role in his child’s education is a very unique and special role. Parents can be the first and...
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