Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

My philosophy of education is based on the ideas that I have about education that are framing my critical goals as an educator at this moment. As a teacher I believe that it is important to be aware of the individual needs, strengths and abilities of each of my students. With this awareness, I will be able to challenge each student in what Vygotsky calls their "zone of proximal development." At the same time, I will use this information to help build the self-esteem of each child, by creating experiences in which he or she will be successful while growing as a learner. Further, I believe that as a teacher I should focus on the whole child and not just teaching a particular subject matter. As a result I do believe that I should divorce their academic lives from their personal lives. Therefore I will utilize methods and strategies that caters to the child’s interpersonal, social and emotional needs. As a teacher at the elementary level I recognize that I should strive to help my students make interdisciplinary connections. Not only should the various subject areas be connected, but also what the child learns in school must have some relevance or importance in the child's experience of the world. One of my primary goals as a teacher is making sure that students are questioning the phenomena in their worlds, and learning to analyze and think critically about their worlds. This goal holds important for any discipline area, be it science, math, social studies or language. I will strive to create a safe classroom environment which is conducive to learning, where students may take risks and be supported by their peers and teacher. I will also strive to At the same time, it is my responsibility to ensure that my lessons are not limited to the child's direct experience but is striving to give each child a broader global view. In addition I see multiculturalism, as a process that consumes the classroom and should be embraced by the teacher....
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