Philosophy of Discipline

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My Philosophy of Discipline


Discipline of Philosophy

My Philosophy of Discipline is to have a well managed classroom. The first day of school is one of the most momentous days for me and my students. My students will pay close attention to my words and deeds; it will be time to make a firm stand about my standards and expectations. I will make my students aware of the rules of the class, my expectations for their behavior, and what I want for them academically. I cannot assume that all students come to school knowing how to behave. Students must be taught the necessary social skills and self-control. I will assure my students are all treated equally and all deadlines, rules, and guidelines enforced immediately. I will model the respect and support I expect to receive from my students when dealing with my class or an individual student. If a problem should occur I will follow the best course of action produced by the students and myself pertaining to the discipline malfeasance. It is my desire that this will build the respect for everyone in the classroom. What is classroom discipline and why is it important (3-5 sentences) The principal definition of classroom discipline is to practices a well managed class along with providing a professional conduct daily. By having classroom discipline plan it will assist in maximize the amount of class time for my student learning. I planned to create a discipline plan that would include rules that are consistent with effective consequences. These rules should be agreed upon the first day of class and understood by everyone. According to Glanz, the purpose of classroom discipline is to produce respectful students with personal and social abilities. A classroom discipline will provide a structure at the beginning of the school year that will contribute to my student motivation to achieve a quality education. It will create a safe learning environment for both the students and teachers. I want to provide an...
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