Philosophy Apposition Paper

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Submitted by: Redvan Lins Acosta
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September 4, 2012

Human nature
Ideally, each human has the same aspects and characteristics. However, they differ from their own goals and aspirations in life. One thing in common will always remain: All human by nature desires to know. All of us are starving for knowledge and we never get contented from having it. We desire to acquire more knowledge as much as possible. With this belief, I am somehow influenced with Aristotle’s standing on human nature: “All men by nature require to know”. A human’s mind should be filled with knowledge and we acquire knowledge through our sensory experiences.

Babies are born with an empty mind. Meaning, they have no knowledge at all. However, their tiny brains also desire for knowledge. They desire to know the feeling of fire, ice, etc. The first time that a baby sees a fire, the tendency is that he will come closer to it and touch it. Once he felt that it is hot, the baby will ideally cry because he got hurt. The next time you make him see a fire, the tendency is that he will get frighten right away. Why? Because he already knows that it’s hot! And he acquired the knowledge through his sense of touch, his sensory experience.

Empiricist John Locke has also influence my belief in Human nature: that man acquire knowledge through his sensory experiences. I therefore strengthening the saying: ‘to see is to believe.’ Ethics and Morality

I believe that a man’s ethics and morality is mold by nature following the characteristics of the society or the environment that he belongs to. Society holds a big responsibility in molding one’s outlook on what is good and wrong. To make it possible for a man to acquire a moral perfection, he should be a member of a perfectly moral society.

My belief about ethics and morality falls to the world of Confucianism. A man’s behavior is easily influenced by the factors that exist in his environment. When there is anger and hate around him, he will easily acquire these things and it will unintentionally be a part of his personality, making man a naively doer of bad vibes. Therefore, if the society follows all kinds of good practices and moral perfection, its countrymen will absolutely acquire an everlasting moral perfection.

In order to have a perfectly moral society, each man must exercise moral perfection themselves. Moral perfection is contagious. Once exercised by someone, it will diffuse rapidly and influence all other man. Influencing each other won’t be so hard for it is a man’s nature to acquire the behavior of the people that surrounds him in his everyday life. All man by nature know what’s good and will do what’s good unless acted by some external force that will force him to do wrong things.

Moral perfection then is acquired in a perfectly moral society that’s composed of citizens exercising moral perfection. Society and Government
Based on my own experience as a Student Leader, The Society should be divided into 3 distinct classes: Rulers, Associates and the people. It must be surrounded by rules and punishments proposed by the rulers and empowered by the associates.

Individuals who think critically, analytically, systematically and value ethical values at all times are the only ones that can be rulers. In order to be classified as an official ruler, one must also acquire the 2 chief characteristics of a ruler: a good leader and a good follower.

Associates are to assist the rulers in handling the society. They should be good in Math and in critical and analytical thinking as well. In order to be classified as an official associate, one must also acquire the 2 chief characteristics of an associate: a good follower and a (ENGLISH OF MASIGASIG HERE).

The rulers are the ones to rule the society; associates are to assist the rulers; people are to follow the rules given by the rulers.
These 3 distinct classes of the society should help each...
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