Philosophy and Goal Statement

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Personal Philosophy and Goal Statement
The way a person believes is usually influenced by various different life factors, which is why no one ever agrees on everything. We all have our own aspect of life. The place where one begins to learn and pick up from is usually home with family. Although there are many things including, friends, books, media, income; and even race, gender, and ethnicity that contribute to why people believe differently. My own beliefs, I think have been influenced by family of course, but also by my own personal knowledge and experience; which is only gained by living.

I believe, the most important thing for a person's life should be to get an education. We often grow up depending on our parents for material necessities. Truth being, they will not always be able to meet our needs; which is why a secondary education is important to all. As a child I always dreamed of being a doctor or a teacher but it honestly never occurred to me that it would truly be necessary. I had a good life in California, where I was born and raised; my father always worked hard to have everything his family needed. That is why I gave education little thought and importance.

About a year and a half ago my life took a drastic turn. My father became ill and disabled, and my family and I went from having everything to being limited on various things. That was when it struck to me that without an education one can not have a secure future and that my life would stay the same. So I began to take school seriously and successfully graduated high school with a 3.0 grade point average. I immediately knew teaching was what I wanted to do. Life is different now for my family and I, we moved to a new place, away from family and friends; but I can not let that interfere with my education. I strongly encourage everyone to do the same. I believe education is and will always be significantly important to ones life. The belief I have towards education...
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