Philosophy and Engineering

Topics: Mind, Metaphysics, Ontology Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Study is not only learning the facts but rather it is a practice the mind to think. This is my values in concerning Engineering course in my life not only do utilize the scientific knowledge to build something, but you also utilize philosophical wisdom in figuring out what to build, so that it will be valuable and new. The range of philosophical studies there is without limit of facts, thoughts, ideas and knowledge beyond existence or do without exist and act being exist.

For us soon to be engineer, the first principle of high metaphysics is very important and significant for innovation. The first cause principle of all things is GOD. Without him we can’t innovate out which something is made, through which something is made, is that which something is made and on the account which something is made. In the act of “esse” the values is being mannered, through this we give respect, loyalty and wisdom in everything we do. We have to attain the highest form human achievements “the most universal science” since all reality is its object of study. Metaphysics relates the knowledge (truth) and to the will (Goodness). Aesthetic sense (beauty) is necessary for innovation. Beauty is imagination, without imagination you can’t create something is entice. Imagination is greater than knowledge.

Connected values is based on interactivity, dialogue and participation. It connects people on a personal level, while recognising the importance of the values of the institutions they represent. It uses a cyclic, reflexive and action-learning methods. “I appreciate people who are electric and all engineering level, whether they mean it or not. I think: Be electric!. Do not cherish your opinion over my feelings. There's a vanity to candor that isn't really worth it. Be kind…
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