Topics: Friendship, Virtue, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1283 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Philosophy 100

Friends are Essential

Having people in your life who will be there when you need them is important so having friends is essential. I claim that having friends is essential because without any we would have limited interaction with people and with no interaction we would be very unhealthy mentally. This may be controversial because you here all of the stories of supposed friends stabbing each other in the back figuratively. This might make most want to say “I will be better off alone” but that is not the case. I will argue that having no friends affects you mentally by showing you the pros/cons of having friends and no friends. I will also share with you the various affects it does have on you mentally, and what it takes to be friends with somebody. My definition for friend is someone who likes you for who you really are, someone who cares about you, and someone who will do just about anything for you. These are all traits you need to have a successful friendship. For most people there first friend is their parents because they show all of these traits towards you. Then after a few years you start interacting with other people and you start to make friends with them and you find it takes other things to be friends with these unknown people. When making friends you have to have a reason to even talk to them usually you are doing something that you are both interested in. Having something in common is one way to be friends with someone. Doing things together that you both like can make you really good friends. A friend can also be someone you met and have nothing in common with. For example I and my best friend having nothing in common at all but she has all of those traits I talked about in the beginning of the paragraph. So there is no strict guidelines for how you can meet someone and be friends it can just happen by chance. Aristotle talks about 3 things to look for in a friend are they useful, pleasant, and good willed for you. I would...
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