Philosophy 110-5912 Essay

Topics: Mind, Brain, Consciousness Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Topic Area IX: Contemporary Metaphysics

Option i: Research any contemporary scientific view, such as String Theory or quantum Mechanics. Assess how a few philosophers we have studied in this course would react to the basic assumption and findings of the theory you have chosen.

I am going to research Neuroscience as my topic. I am going to explore how a few of the philosophers that we have studied maybe would have reacted to these current findings of modern man and his endeavors to study the mind. Human being are part of nature, the Stoics philosophers who gave us logic told us a detailed theory of knowledge , and put a lot of effort on the theories of the nature of the universe. The stoics believe what counts is the state of your will, because that is what is in your control. You must put your whole effort (your will) into your harmony with nature. Neuroscience sees our consciousness creating an inner life or (realm) where we think and feel. We have a conscious awareness that helps us operate through a sense of self, but that self gets confused by the awareness of the body. Neuroscience tries to explain what is going on in the brain and that we might even have levels of cogitative awareness which questions whether our ability to consciously decide everything may be an illusion. I think the Stoics were a little more relaxed about the whole idea meaning that they understood at times we are powerless to certain situations but we are not powerless to how we deal with it once again using our minds to help us from our over thinking selves. Neuroscience finds unconscious brain activity can drive decision making, where this concept separates the mind from the body which in turn separates us from free will.

John Locke writes about understanding how our mind works. He wrote a famous paper titled, “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” he states that, “understanding sets man above the rest of sensible beings, and this gives him all the advantage and...
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