Philosophical Perspectives on the Holland Hardware and Wichita Supermarket Case

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Philosophy Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: March 1, 2009
Philosophical Perspectives on the
Holland Hardware and Wichita Supermarket Case

In this paper I will be analyzing five different philosophical perspectives and how these relate to the Holland Hardware and Wichita Supermarket case. The first philosophical perspective is Teleology. Teleological philosophies assess the moral worth of a behavior by looking at its consequences. In the Supermarket case Matt Holland is really concerned about himself, his family and the community if Wal-Mart would move into Wichita, Kansas. The concern is a type of teleology called utilitarianism which seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people and which achieves the greatest benefit for all those affected by the decision. Matt is really worried about the small businesses in the community that would have to close and if everyone in the community would blame him for the Wal-Mart and turning his back to the community. Although, he is thinking of the tough times he has been thorough with the economical times and making ends meet, the salary they are offering is double then what he currently brings home. This type of perspective is heavily on his mind and is a great concern. The second philosophical perspective is Relativist Perspective which is an ethical behavior that is derived from the experiences of individuals and groups. Matt is a metaethical relativists who sees that there is no objective way of resolving ethical disputes between the value system and individuals. There is no way that Matt can stop the Wal-Mart from building, he can hold a town meeting and try to prevent the Wal-Mart from building. This all depends on the people. You can’t stop the way people feel about a national company coming in and up rooting a small town and forcing them out of business but it might also bring in better paying jobs, then some of the small businesses already established. The third philosophical perspective is Virtue Ethics, what a mature person with a “good” moral character...
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