Philosophical Film: a Beautiful Mind

Topics: Philosophy, Mental disorder, Schizophrenia Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: July 19, 2009
Philosophical film

“A Beautiful Mind”
There are many philosophical films currently available to watch. These films involved all kind of issues around us such as social life, work, health, race, etc. The most interesting issue in A Beautiful Mind, one of the famous philosophical films, is the difficulty of the main character to distinguish the difference between reality and imagination. The philosophical argument in the film is very important because it based on the true story that only occur in rare occasions.

After watching the movie, A Beautiful Mind (2001), I would not imagine how I could face the most chronic, disabling disease like schizophrenia. However, the great mathematician John Nash has overcome schizophrenia by his own discipline and the support of his lovely wife, Alicia Nash. John Nash was known to be one of the greatest mathematicians during the 50’s. He later received the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics science in 1994 for his earlier discover. Since graduate school, John had lost his ability of seeing the distinction between what is real and what is in his mind. “People” in his imagined world appeared at certain times in his life but they would not be gone in the future. To diagnose his mental illness, he had to pretend that these people who he was imaging were not considered to be true in reality, thus he decided to ignore there presences.

The movie presented some scenarios that could possibly be explained by skepticism in philosophy. John Nash, himself was being skeptic while living along with schizophrenia. John, at the time went to school at Princeton and worked extremely hard for doctorate degree. Unlike the great effort he put forth in his education, he lacked knowledge about his own mental problem. John could not comprehend the unreal existence of all the people like his roommate Charles, Charles’s niece Marcie, and the supervisor named William Parcher. The other characters in the film and myself would probably were...
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