Philo Farnsworth

Topics: Television, John Logie Baird, High school Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Almost 90 years ago, the invention of television began with the story of 11 year-old boy, Philo Farnsworth. Unlike other boy, he was the smartest one and started developing his talent, especial in electricity, very early in his life. First of all, he was the first member in his family who discovered the electricity while they were traveling to find the new home. And in this land, he had a chance to get involved with every electric machine that he had known only from the books. In the new home, he figured out how to repair every disabled machine which the adults had given up on. Gradually, he not only became master of repairing machines but also knew how to create new motor for his mom’s washing machine from the part of old engines. Moreover, he was the smartest student in high school that he could go straight to senior year without taking lower grades. With the help from his teacher plus his given talent, he quickly learned everything in classes and thought about new invention in the future. Beside the class, he did not waste any minutes to read his favorite books; and one day, the new idea came to his mind: how could a picture fly through the air. This question always disturbed in every single minute and reminded him to keep going to find the answer. With all his effort, he finally knew how to satisfy the question and became the first one in the world who brought up the new principle of television which his teacher not even could understand. As the result, the new invention changed entire world. Unlike Philo, who is interested in electricity, I have a friend who is interested in the speech communication. When she was a child, she had a dream of becoming a public speaker, and that dream was a force that made her try hard to reach the success in the future. Finally, the opportunity to satisfy her dream became true when she went to high school, where she could do all her speech in the front of hundred people. Now every time she starts the speech, the crowd always...
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