Phillips vs Panasonic

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Philips vs Panasonic; Student Casework.
Ever since two Dutch brothers lifted Eindhoven out the darkness in 1892, a new style of living emerged with the industrial revolution. Philips - due to the full name of the two brothers - is a world famous company throughout the world. This firm is principally characterized as a technological company which is “focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting.” (Philips’ official website, 2014) Steps after steps, during all the 19th century, Philips had become the leading consumer electronics company in spite of the succession of many CEO with different vision to manage. The period of postwar era is relevant to explain this phenomenon of constant evolution. Nevertheless, the actual period of globalization has changing the face of this I.T (information and technology) sector by the arrival of some Asian companies like Samsung or Sony. Nowadays, Philips should now compete against them, especially one company, Panasonic - originally call Matsushita - which has a similar range of product.

This student casework brings an analysis of these two companies which have established each a different form of organization. The actuals CEO, Frans van Houten for Philips and Kazuhiro Tsuga for Panasonic, at both companies were taking their own way to success by different strategic initiatives. The first part of this student casework deals about the competences that Philips had built after the Second World War and the challenges they have met during this period. Then, the second part is focus on its rival, Panasonic, which is now the most serious competitor against them. A correlation follows this part in order to understand the evolution between both companies. Finally, personal reflections propose some recommendations about the future of these two firms.

A long construction of Philips’ Organization

Frans Van Houten is the tenth Philip’s CEO since...

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