Phillip Morris

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Philip Morris promotion of Marlborough cigarettes. Instituted in the 1950’s. the brand moved to and assured that the flavor would be unchanged by the decision of adding a filter. “Come to where the flavor is: Come to Marlboro man,”

Marlboro man was a rugged cowboy smoking Marlboro cigarettes while riding his horse in the outdoors. The ad helped propel Marlboro to the top of the world market Threefold
1) Significant economic advantages. Standardized advertising lowers the cost of value creation by spreading the fixed costs of developing the advertisements over many countries. Ex. Coca Cola saved $90 million over 20 yrs by using certain elements of its campaign globally 2)Creative talent is scarce and one large effort to develop a campaign is much more successful than numerous amounts of smaller efforts 3)many brands are global brands

Against standardizing advertising
1) cultural differences between nations- a message that works in one nation could potentially fail in another nation. Cultural diversity makes it difficult to develop a single theme that is effective on a global level 2)advertising regulations may block implementation of standardized advertising. Ex. Kellogg could not use a commercial it produced in great Britain to promote its product in other European countries. A reference to iron and vitamins in its cereal was not allowed in the Netherlands because health and medical benefits were outlawed. In France children are not allowed to endorse products. In Germany a key line was disallowed because of competitive claims. Another example would be American express offering bonus points every time the card was used. And the points could be used towards air travels and hotel accommodations. Germany competition law was broken as it is suppose to prevent the offer of free gifts in connection with the sales of goods.

Dealing with country differences
Experimenting with capturing benefits of global standardization while recognizing differences in...
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