Philippine Revolution and Mi Ultimo Adios

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Mi Ultimo Adios message to the FILIPINO PEOPLE

Mi Ultimo Adios message to the YOUTH
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Now, as a youth; the Filipino nation had not been able to reproduce a son who could hold a candle to the standard of heroism, intellectuality and morality which he had raised. There had been a plethora of great personages, warriors, intellectuals and martyrs all, who had cropped up before, during, and after Rizal. Yet for all their luminescence, these heroes have always scrambled for the scraps of attention which trickle out of Rizal's brimming image in the eyes of his people. With regards to their individual fame and prestige, men such as Bonifacio, Mabini, and del Pilar must always play second fiddle to the man dubbed by his contemporaries as “The Great Malayan.”

Rizal would probably deplore the current situation, indeed. Whereas the youth of Rizal were as ripened apples dangling from a very tall tree, yet nonetheless ready for the picking, the youth of today may be likened to stunted apples, which are not only hard to pick, but are also useful not for making pies, but in feeding pigs aptly named “colonial mentality” and “indifference”. Precisely the monsters that Rizal wanted to combat during his time.

But where there is desperation, there is always hope. All that one needs to do in light of the situation is remember that Rizal, the foremost genius of the Filipinos, was once a child too. And as a boy, he left behind an example to be followed. He was a model student, possessing aptitude in many fields, but he also persevered to master or learn what he could. What's more, he had a moral code that made him wise and broad-minded. Whenever there was some needless debate or argument about a matter of pride among grown men such as del Pilar and Luna, his example of humility and willingness to compromise shone forth.

If only the parents of today would take time to instil ideas of nationalism into the minds of their young ones (instead of feeding...
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