Philippine Legend Of Calamba: In War And Peace By Demetrio L. Hilberio

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An excerpt from Calamba - In War and Peace by Demetrio L. Hilberio tells us of the legend of the name of Calamba. This legend is inscribed on a stone marker that can found at the base of the giant claypot and can be read as :  The authentic legend goes that at about the turn of 16th century, two Spanish soldiers came to a village by the shore of Laguna de Bay. Attracted by the vast plain with verdant greeneries that spread up to a majestic mountain, the strangers became curious to learn the name of the place. Soon there came a native young lady carrying an earthen jar by her waist. She was to fetch water from the lake. Seizing the opportunity, the two soldiers inquired in Spanish from the young lady the name of the place. |

Frightened with the sight of white strangers in colorful uniforms, the native damsel got confused. Thinking that the soldiers were asking what she was carrying, she answered nervously "Kalamba...Kalamba.." referring to the earthen jar she was clasping by her waist. There upon the girl scurried away until she was lost in the nearby forest. Themselves surprised, the two Spanish soldiers were left muttering "Kalamba...Kalamba" Since then the small village on a vast plain close to the Laguna de Bay has been known by the name of Kalamba.

Legend of coconut
Long ago there was a Chamorro family belonging to the Achote tribe. The family had a beautiful young daughter who was admired by everyone in the tribe. One day the girl became very thirsty. She wanted to drink the juice from a special fruit. Everyone tried to find the fruit she described but to no avail. Soon the girl became very ill and died. The father buried the girl on a hill over looking the village. He placed a beautiful headstone on her grave and the people covered it with many beautiful flowers. One day the villagers noticed a strange plant growing on the girl's grave. They thought it was magic and built a shelter to protect it. Five years after the plant appeared, it had grown 20 feet tall, strange looking fruits appeared. One of the fruits dropped to the ground and cracked open. The chief called on the father of the dead girl to eat the strange fruit but he refused. He called his wife to eat the fruit. She said it was sweet and chewy and called it coconut. It remains one of the main foods eaten by the Chamorro people.

Legend of makahiya
Long time ago, there was a couple in Barangay Masagana (Pampanga today) who wanted a daughter. Their wish was granted and the wife gave birth to a baby girl. They called her Maria. Maria was very beautiful but very shy that she wouldn't go out from their house. Weeks later, Spaniards came to their town. The Spaniards were very cruel that they get everything they wanted. They rob houses and kill everyone who gets in their way and who refused to give what they wanted.The couple was very frightened to lose their daughter so, they they hid Maria in the bushes so that the Spaniard coud’nt find her.After the Spaniards left their town, the couple tried to look for Maria but they couldn't find her even in the bushes where they hid her, instead they found a little plant that is very sensitive that when you touch it, it would immidietlyclose. So they thought it was their daughter, Maria. They called the plant "Makahiya" that means "touch me not," like their daughter who was very shy. LEGEND OF BANANA

 Long ago, before Philippines was invaded by other countries, the only religion Filipinos know is Paganism. They know no God until it was invaded by the Spaniards and killed everyone who refuses to give their riches. In the town of Vigan (in Philippines), one rich family planned to hide their beautiful daughter named Corazon because they heard that the Spaniard captain wanted their child. Corazon was one of the most beautiful maiden in their town. Every man there wants to have her hand in marriage.One day, when a group of Spaniard soldiers tried again to gather all the riches...
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