Philippine History

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Are you a filipino? First and foremost, you have to study and understand the history of the philippines. They won't tell you the whys and the hows in history book. Like any other history, you have to find out and understand their cultures beofre we can pas any judgement on them.

1. Philippines consist of about 7100 islands. The inhabitants of the Philippines consist of different races with different languages. Geographical and geological factor are some of the reason why the filipinos don't have unity before and after the spaniards colonization. The Spaniards also have devided and conquered the Philippines because of this lack of unity.

2. Why the spaniards are against education of the filipinos? It's actually common sense, education leads to learning. When people are educated, they have the means to fight the conquerors.

3. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cut travel time to Spain. This prompted the rise of the ilustrados, an enlightened Filipino upper class, since many young Filipinos were able to study in Europe.

4. Secularization is a process of transformation as a society slowly migrates from close identification with the local institutions of religion to a more clearly separated relationship. It is a contentious term because the concept of secularization can be confused with secularism, a philosophical and political movement that promotes the idea that society benefits by being less religious, whereas the opposing view is that the values and beliefs implicit in religions support a more moral and, therefore, better society. This leads to Filipinization because filipino tends to see themselves more of a filipino than a Ilocano, Visayan, Tagalog, etc.

5. Gomburza is an acronym for Fathers Mariano Gómez, José Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, three Filipino priests who were executed on February 17, 1872 by Spanish colonial authorities on trumped-up charges of subversion arising from the 1872 Cavite mutiny. Their unjust execution...
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