Philippine Education

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LIST OF LAWS, ACTS AND DECREES AS LEGAL BASES OF PHILIPPINE EDUCATION Act #74-enacted in January 21, 1901. It provides for the establishment of Department of Public Instruction and establishment of PCAT now TUP and PNS now PNU Act #1870 founding of UP (June 18, 1908)

Act #2706 Private School Law (enacted March 10, 1917)
Commonwealth Act #1- preparatory military training shall begin in Elementary grade school at age 10. This act was amended by PD 1706 (August 8, 1980) requiring all citizens to render civil welfare service, law enforcement service and military service. Commonwealth Act #80- (October 26, 1936) established the Office of Adult Education (vocational training in an effort to eliminate illiteracy) Commonwealth Act#578 (June 8, 1940) conferred the status of PERSONS IN AUTHORITY upon teachers Commonwealth Act #586 Education Act of 1940-reduction of number of years in elementary (from 7 to 6), fixing school entrance age 7 years old, national support of elementary education, compulsory attendance in the primary grades for all children enrolled in grade one, introduction of double single session Commonwealth Act #589-(August 19, 1940) established school rituals in private and public schools RA #137 (June 14, 1947) enacted the Board of Textbooks

RA #896 (June 20, 1953) Elementary Education Act of 1953. This law repealed Commonwealth Act #586 (restoration of grade 7, abolition of double single session, compulsory completion of elementary, compulsory enrolment of children in public school upon reaching 7 years old) RA #1124 (June 16, 1954) created the Board of National Education RA #1265 (June 11, 1955) compulsory daily flag ceremony in all educational institutions RA #1425 (June 12, 1956) teaching life, works and writings of Rizal especially Noli and Fili in all public and private schools RA #4760 (June 18, 1966) Magna Cart of Public School Teachers RA #1079 (June 15, 1959) provided...
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