Philippine Economic Growth 2012 Critique Paper

Topics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Inflation, Philippines Pages: 4 (1502 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Critique Paper in Aralin Panlipunan
Philippines is one of the 3rd world contries in Asia. And still, belongs to the 3rd world country. Philippines is a developing country like other neighboring countries, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. But in comparison to other countries surrounding us, we are not be very famous for our economic growth. Since our status in the previous years shows 'not statisfiying' records. We would always rank below and be very far from the others. Since the Aquino administration has started, have you observed at least 'little' improvements or differences compared to the previous administrations? We all know that we, Filipinos, have different point of views. And if you are going to ask me about it, well, I felt a 'slight' difference. Year 2010 is the year when Aquino admistration has started. It was not a good year for the admistration since Arroyo left a few 'BIG' problems to Aquino. I know we thought at first, has Aquino started his first move to show and prove that we chose the right person to handle and administrate the Philippines? During 2010, the Philippine GDP grew 7.3%. This was between the Arroyo-Aquino Administration. But during 2011, the Philippine GDP cooled down to 4% which is not a good sign. How come it went down? This was because of the election-related spendings (during 2010 elections), a few rebounded exports and invesments, and consumer demand. Year 2012, is the second and a half year of the Aquino administration. Any improvements? Yes! I know you are now thinking, "Really? Now tell me what are those." A common reaction for the Filipinos. Ordinary people living in the Philippines might not felt it, might not seen it. But if only the Filipinos cared, they should have already knew it. What is? The economic growth of the Philippines in 2012 went high as 6.5%! This value might be lower than 7.3% in 2010 but higher than the average economic growth of 4.5% during Arroyo administration! So if you are going to ask me what made...
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