Philippine Culture

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The "Pearl of the Orient Seas", more famously known as the Island Philippines, has its share of rich and colorful history and cultural background, which dates back to as early as 100 million years. During this time, it was mainly the Philippine land and habitat that evolved and there were no human inhabitants on the land. Nevertheless, it was during these years that the Philippines started to develop its resources and become what would soon be a region of abundant natural resources and fertile lands. In the next years, this land would host its very first dwellers and witness the birth and development of the Philippine culture. Over the years, man and his environment will continue to interact and produce new discoveries and breakthroughs not only in technology but also in the different aspects of human life. Here we would see how early Filipinos managed to survive during their time and contribute in the formation of what we now own for ourselves: the Filipino culture.

The Paleolithic Culture (250,000 B.C.- 10,000 B.C.) was the period in which the first existence of human culture was seen. The first tools ever produced by the first Filipinos were usually made of stones and woods and were improvised from their environment. These tools were used for food gathering and defense against wild animals. These early tools produced even before technology was introduced in our country greatly show the resourcefulness and creativity of the early Filipinos. They were able to survive mainly from their surroundings. Since people during this time were relatively small in numbers, there was not really a problem in terms of food supply and space to dwell (all from the environment). In this case, the need for social organization or leaders in the group was not seen necessary for everybody had an ample share of everything. It was also because of being in a small group (around 30 people) that the people valued so much the unity and solidarity of...
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