Philippine Commemorative Coins

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1920 Wilson Medal / Wilson DollarObv: President Of The United States/Bust of President Wilson facing       left. Rev: To Commemorate The Opening Of The Mint/Figures of woman and boy center/Manila, P.I./1920 below. 

Bronze : (38mm, plain edge)
3,700 struck     EF 65.00         BU 125.00

Silver : (38mm, plain edge)
2,200 struck     EF 100.00      BU 200.00

Gold : (38mm plain edge)
5 pcs. only struck   VERY RARE

Note: This commemorative, struck in silver and bronze to commemorate the reopening of the Manila Mint on July 16, 1920, was designed by Clifford Hewitt. The original price was $1 for the silver and 50c for the bronze for the bronze version. A reported five specimens were struck in gold, of which all are accounted for. None were designed for actual circulation, although it is considered a commemorative coin and is called the " Wilson dollar " by collectors.| 1920 Commemorative Bronze Wilson Medal1920 Commemorative Silver Wilson Medal1920 Commemorative Gold Wilson Dollar Medal|

1936 Commonwealth of the PhilippinesOBV: Commonwealth Of The Philippines/Fifty Centavos or One  Peso. In center:  busts of Murphy/Roosevelt and Quezon for peso. Murphy and Quezon face each other (50 centavos). Between busts the date Nov. 15, 1935.

REV: United States Of America/1936. In center: Commonwealth coat of arms. " M " mintmark to left of date.                 

1) Fifty Centavos 1936 Murphy/Quezon
 (Silver 27mm, reeded edge)
20,000 minted      EF  50.00           BU  75.00

2) One Peso 1936 Murphy/Quezon
 (Silver 36mm, reeded edge)
10,000 minted      EF  75.00           BU  100.00

3) One Peso 1936 Roosevelt/Quezon
 (Silver 36mm, reeded edge)
 10,000 minted     EF  75.00          BU  100.00

     Salvage condition      50c  20.00     1peso  45.00   | 1936 50 centavos Murphy / Quezon1936 Murphy / Quezon one peso1936 Roosevelt / Quezon one peso|

1947 - One peso  - Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur one peso coin 1947
(36mm, 80% Silver, 20% Copper)

OBV: Defender And Liberator/Gen-Douglas/Mac-Arthur
           divided by bust facing right /Of The Philippines, REV: Philippines/Coat of arms of the Republic/1947/
            One peso. (S mintage below date).

            100,000 minted            EF  $7.00                BU    $10.00

1947 - 50c Fifty Centavos - Gen. Douglas MacArthur
(27mm, 75% Silver, 25% Copper)

Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur 50 centavos coin 1947
OBV: Similar to above, except Mac Arthur is shown
           in three-quarter profile.
REV: Similar to above, except Fifty Centavos.  

            200,000 minted       EF  $1.50           BU     $2.50

NOTE:    The 1947 peso and 50-centavos coins commemorate the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. The designer was Laura Gardin Fraser, whose initials appear under the bust of MacArthur. Both coins were weakly struck in low relief at the San Francisco mint. They were the first coins struck for the new Republic. 

1961 - One peso - National Hero - Jose Rizal

1961 Jose Rizal peso coin National Hero
(38mm, .900 Fine Silver)
OBV: Jose Rizal Centennial/national Hero/
           Bust divides the dates 1861- 1961.
REV: Central Bank of the Philippines/One Peso.
           Coat of arms in center.

100,000 minted*      EF  $5.00      BU  $6.00

1961- Fifty Centavos - National Hero - Jose Rizal

1961 Jose Rizal half peso coin National Hero
(30.6mm,  .900 Fine Silver)
OBV: Similar to above, but Rizal facing left.
           The dates 1861/1961 to the left.
REV: Similar to above, but Half Peso.

           100,000 minted*                                  BU  $2.50

NOTE: The author has handled over 15,000 of the above coins and has not yet found one free of bag marks or scratches on the obverse. A U.S. coin dealer purchased 70,000 of the Rizal sets and has melted 42,000 Half Pesos and 32,000 Pesos. The lower half of the coat of arms on the reverse of these coins...
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