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Dear Mr. Miller
Best Friends Animal Society will enhance our company's reputation, as well as demonstrate our commitment to the community. Our search for a philanthropic program has come to an end. Best Friends Animal Society is a program that provides love, shelter, and care to stray animals. This program provides unwanted pets with homes, and has decreased the number or animals being destroyed in other shelters. With our help, the number of animals being destroyed can become even lower. We can help by stopping our search for a philanthropic program and choosing this charity. Best Friends is an outstanding choice for our philanthropic program; by donating little of our resources we can help this charity grow nationally, as well as help our company build a great reputation and a long term relationship with Best Friends Animal Society.

Why This Charity
This charity will directly affect how our customers view us. Any little bit can help, either by giving monetary donations, volunteer work, or pet supplies. Best Friends Animal Society will let the public community see how our company works through giving our best to this charity. With us being a pet store, this charity is right up our alley. Having the knowledge that we have, as well as the supplies we are the best fit for this charity. Best Friends needs a great deal of help and our company is in synergy with them. It only seems right to donate to this charity. Our reputation will sky rocket when people see that we are supporting such a well-known philanthropic program.

How Will We Donate
Monetary donations, volunteer work, and pet supplies are all ways we can donate to Best Friends Animal Society. Monetary donations can vary either by a one-time donation to monthly donations. It can also be a very low amount to an extreme amount we might want to give. Employees of our company can volunteer at the shelter any time of day/night. For example, our employees can help out at the shelter for a few hours by...
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