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PHIL101 Quiz #4

By lanenathan93 Mar 20, 2014 426 Words
Quiz #4

Part 1 of 1 - 15.0 Points
Question 1 of 10
1.5 Points
According to John Locke, sounds, colors, temperatures, tastes, and odors are what type of quality? A.primary
Correct B.secondary
Answer Key: B
Question 2 of 10
1.5 Points
According to Kevin Brown from the Radio Free Philosophy Podcast, Locke held that all we have direct contact with are what? A.Objects of reality
C.Words themselves
D.Things in themselves
Incorrect E.All of the above
Answer Key: B
Question 3 of 10
1.5 Points
What, according to John Locke, are the two kinds of ideas that furnish the empty room of the mind? A.primary / secondary
Correct B.sensation / reflection
C.real / artificial
D.none of the above
Answer Key: B
Question 4 of 10
1.5 Points
According to John Locke, primary qualities of an object are what? A.innate ideas to the mind
B.intrinsic features of objects of reality
C.dependent on an observer
Incorrect D.none of the above
Answer Key: B
Question 5 of 10
1.5 Points
According to Empiricists the mind at birth…
A.has innate ideas a reincarnated soul
C.contains the Forms of the Good
Correct a blank slate
Answer Key: D

Question 6 of 10
1.5 Points
What is the fundamental principle according to Locke’s empiricism? A.All knowledge begins with doubt.
B.All knowledge arise from sense experience.
C.All knowledge is a grasp for power.
D.All knowledge is merely agreed upon opinion.
Incorrect E.None of the above
Answer Key: B
Question 7 of 10
1.5 Points
According to Immanuel Kant, we can never know what?
Incorrect A.our experiences
C.the things in themselves
D.cognitive categories of understanding
Answer Key: C
Question 8 of 10
1.5 Points
According to John Locke, secondary qualities of an object have what? A.Qualities in the thing itself.
B.The power to produce in us the ideas of sensation.
Incorrect C.Features inseparable from the thing itself.
D.The power to produce in us reflection on the object's inherent feature Answer Key: B
Question 9 of 10
1.5 Points
What is NOT a principle accepted by John Locke nor the other empiricists? Incorrect A.experience
C.innate ideas
D.all of the above
Answer Key: C
Question 10 of 10
1.5 Points
Using Kant’s epistemological approach, the ability to “see” a face is a function of what? Incorrect A.seeing the object at it is in reality
B.innate ideas of faces
C.only the sense data of seeing the eyes, nose, mouth, skin, etc. D.sense data and the organizing categories of the mind
Answer Key: D

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