Phil Penman

Topics: World Trade Center, United Kingdom, Photography Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Phil Penman

Phil Penman is now a New York based photographer and has captured various photographs from celebrities, the falling of the Twin Towers, and a freelance photographs. He has also captured photos while living in California for a bit as well. He attended college at Berkshire College of Art and Design during the years of 1995- 1998; which is located in the United Kingdom. His photography employment varied from newspapers to magazines and his own established photographic business. His skills have lead him to travel the world to work for various competing agencies and publications. He also is an active blogger for various events that are ongoing. As Phil finally set foot into the United States in 2000 and has then became well known for his photographs. While Phil was living in Los Angeles he was able to capture various photographs of celebrities while he worked for Splash News and Pictures Agency from August 2000-2005. He would capture photographs as a paparazzi and by bookings which he was contacted for. Phil has had the opportunity to photograph many celebrities but these were his known clients such as Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Christopher Reeve, Puff Daddy, Spike Lee, Peter Bogdanovich, Huey Morgan, Kylie Minogue, Damien Hurst, and British artist Damien Hurst. As for Christopher Reeve his pictures made the front cover of The Guardian and The National Enquirer. Besides him just photographing celebrities he also has had photographs featured in magazines including Newsweek and Time. Phil also worked at the Ins News Agency which is located in the United Kingdom for a year which was from January 1999 till January of 2000. At this employment he worked as a photographer for numerous clients like Microsoft, Esporta, orange phone network, and shooting spot news for various British newspapers. He also was the Chief photographer for Workingham Times newspaper from January of 1998 till January of 1999. At this location he was in charge of organizing the...
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