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Republic of the Philippines
Tarlac College of Agriculture
Camiling, Tarlac

Institute of Education

Expanded Course Outline in ENGL04-Philippine Literature in English

Course Code


Course Title

Philippine Literature in English

Course Description

The course is a study of literary genres exemplified by the selected literary texts from different regions of the Philippines written at different periods in the Philippine literary history. It aims to equip students with literary appreciation that may guide them towards wholesome development of the innate potentials and values.


3 units


Introduction to Literature

Course Objectives

The course has the following objectives:
1. show the relevance of the study of literature in human’s life; 2. link the present to the future based on the thoughts of the past as presented and preserved in the literary texts;
3. point out the value of reading Philippine literary texts; 4. identify and differentiate the various elements of the different genres like short story;
5. articulate the importance of each element in the proper understanding of the genres;
6. showcase the meaning and lessons derived from the literary texts; 7. recognize the value the literary prowess of the writers;
8. help students appreciate the richness and value of Philippine literature; and 9. relate literature to human experiences.


Students are expected to:
1. identify the importance of literature to human endeavor;
2. relate to the characters that personify the students’ character or experience; 3. infer the message implied in the different genres;
4. assimilate the lessons in life inherent in the different literary genres; 5. choose the correct paths for self-improvement as inspired by the literary texts; 6. interpret figurative meanings of poetry and identify its elements; 7. possess positive outlook in education through selected essays; 8. read poems observing proper phrasing and expression;

9. analyze the implications of the moves and motives of the characters/persona in the different genres studied; and
10. appreciate and value the richness and imaginative power of man to express ideas/expressions.

Instructional Modes/ Learning Activities

1. lecture
2. discussion
3. Pair/group work
4. Debates
5. Role play
6. Film viewing
7. Reporting
8. Storytelling
9. Recital
10. Movie and Book review

Content Coverage

I. Introduction
A. Literature defined
B. Importance of Literature
C. Philippine Folk Literature
D. Literary genres

I. The short story
A. Short story defined
B. Elements of short story
C. The Short Stories
1. Death into Manhood
2. How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
3. Dead Stars
4. Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro
5. Wedding Dance
6. The House on Zapote Street
7. We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers

II. Essay
A. Essay defined
B. Types of Essay
C. Essay
1. College Uneducation
2. Sonia
3. Where is the Patis?
4. Male Homosexuality in the Philippines (Garcia)

III. Poetry
A. Poetry defined
B. Elements of Poem
C. Representative poems
1. Ink
2. Quietness
3. Like the Molave
4. Eulogy of Roaches

IV. Play
A. Play defined
B. Elements of a Play
C. Sepang Loca

Learning Resources

1. CD/DVDs
2. Audio-video equipments
3. TV set
4. LCD projector/laptop
5. Textbooks
6. Newspaper/magazines
7. Internet


1. Balarbar, Corazon V., Gems in Philippine Literature. Manila: National BookStore. 1989.
2. Calixihan, Jovita O. and Lucesa Y. Diano. Gems in Afro-Asian Literature. Manila: National BookStore. 1989. 3. Roseburg, A.G. Pathways to Philippine Literature in English. Phoenix Publishing House. 1996 4. Saymo, Apolinario S. Philippine Literature. Trinitas Publishing, Inc. 2004 5. Tomeldan, Yolanda V., Prism an...

References: 2. Calixihan, Jovita O. and Lucesa Y. Diano. Gems in Afro-Asian Literature. Manila: National BookStore. 1989.
4. Saymo, Apolinario S. Philippine Literature. Trinitas Publishing, Inc. 2004
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