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Title: The Great Flood
Author: Tinggian
PLACE: Abra, Cordillera
PEOPLE: Tinggians
PRACTICES: Planting on mountains
Aponi-tolau - God hero of the Tinggians
Taumari-u - The Lord of the Sea

Sea maiden guards, Gods and Demigods

Humiratau - youngest and the most beautiful

Lang- an – Misstress of the rain and wind

North wind – the one who warned Aponi-tolau


Rising action:


Falling action:

Resolution/Conclusion: The flood was God's judgement on an ungodly people who were determined not to serve their creator. They were give ample opportunity to take their place on the ark, after all, it took more than 100 years to build. Noah preached for all those years that they needed to repent and save themselves. But they chose not to do so, thus suffered the wrath of God.

Point of View:
Language/ Style of the author:
Theme of the Story

Title: The Wedding Dance
Author: Amador T. Daguio
Characters: Awiyao 

The Husband stated in the short story. (Wedding dance) 
Humorous and physically fit.


The wife of Awiyao.
The woman who was left by her husband (Awiyao) because she cannot bear a child.

Beautiful, a good dancer, strong in planting beans, fast in cleaning jars, and a good housekeeper,


Awiyao's new wife.


This is sad story of a man, Awiyao, who in spite of being in love with his wife, Lumnay, feels the need to marryanother in order to have a son. According to the story if a man does not have a son he is considered to be inferior to others intheir community. It is not a case of not loving Lumnay, which he does, but of his perceived necessity of a son to beconsidered a man. He is however, insensitive believing the answer to Lumnay's sorrow would be to join the other women at the wedding dance.Little regard for her feelings and the willingness to abandon her seem to be the predominate thoughts in the author's mind.She seems to obsess over the necklace of his grandmother which he had given her. Towards the end of the story I had thefeeling she contemplated suicide but in the end changed her mind. Exposition:

 The story started when Awiyao went ti his and Lumnay's house to invite his ex-wife to join the dance.  Rising action:
Things get complicated when start talking, and she can't let go of Awiyao. Climax:
 So much intense felt in the story when they both stated that they do not want any other man or women for them. There so much intense formed when they stated that they still love each other. Falling action:

 When Lumnay and Awiyao have to follow their Tribe's Custom. Resolution/Conclusion:
If I were confronted with the same problem , I would get really hurt if my husband were to marry another woman because we cannot have a chld and it will hurt because I know that he loves me but yet he needs to find another for he's own good and for his responsibilities. Conflict: The type of conflict was man vs. man or man vs. itself because in man vs. man the people in his tribe is telling him to marry another in man vs. itself he loves lumnay but he needs to marry another so he is making a hard decision.  Point of View:  If I could end the story I would end it by lumnay and awiyao would be together even though they cannot have a child because if they love each other they should be together because I believe that if you love someone you should fight for him/her and no matter how much people criticize you for that. 

There are extensive literary devices-symbolism used in this story and here it goes. Language/ Style of the author:

Theme of the Story
True Love- is all about sacrifices and hope.

That in life, love is never enough to have a happy ending. Sometimes you need to set someone free not because you don't love him/her but because it's the best for the both of yo

Title: Magnificence
Author: Estrella Alfon
Rising action:
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