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Toribio, Marry Grace B. DFI2

Reflection Paper #1

Before you started this course, what have you heard about what Philosophy was all about? What did you think it was? What did you expect to get from it? What subjects do you think would be philosophy’s concern? In what sense, to you, is man a homoviator, a traveler?

First of all , as a Industrial student It’s a privilege to me to know what is Philosophy or how philosophy affects our individual life’s and first of my expectation for this subject is , it will give me a information and it will help me to learn more about wisdom of life. What subjects do I think would be philosophy’s concern? I think every individual life’s philosophy want us to know about not only in physics but also about social political philosophy , aesthetics , logical and etc. and nthen, what sense to you is man a homo viator or a traveler? Well, a 'homo viator' means 'pilgrim man', and in some sense we are all traveling and journeying to different places throughout our lives. 

A man is never ever satisfied.. so he journey's not in the sense he go through other places or go to the deepest ranges. But to the extent of looking for his self to all the present questions he asks.. Accepting man as he is- a finite, imperfect being- is accepting inadequate answers o certain questions. 

Toribio, Marry Grace B. DFI2

Reflection Paper #2

Do you agree with the statement that Philosophy raises the quality of man’s life? Why?.

Of course Yes, Philosophy raises man’s quality of life because it doesn’t only talk about Man physical but also more on mentally like reality existence knowledge and values and also philosophy raises mans quality of life because it is love of wisdom , philosophy is love of wisdom, love of wisdom is not just knowing something but applying what you have learned. Achieving philosophy is a big deal because one tends to be patient gentle and has self control because you understand more about the human feelings In philosophy

Toribio, Marry Grace B.

Reflective Journal
Ambulansyang De Paa ni Kara David

There is nothing more relevant as a controversial issue when we talk about health. As they say, health is wealth. But how would you secure your health if you are living in the country side away from civilization .Ambulansyang de paa is a touching documentary of Kara David, that the purpose is to show to us what is the real situation of our country. The journey took place in Badsud,Oriental Mindoro known as “little Baguio”. Ms. Kara David narrates in one of her documentaries and she never expects to see and experience when Kara David reached the little Baguio,it was a very sad and lonely place,you can see the fear in their eyes and you can feel the fading hope in their Hearts.

The place lacks supplies in terms of medication ,livelihood and education.Moving forward for in seeking for materials given by the local government for the solar panels that will serve as the light to uncover the darkness but Kara David was truly disappointed because they were all stolen and Bansud leaving again in the dark .In her way Ms. Kara discovers the situation of a man named “Lowel”  He has been suffering from tuberculosis for almost a decade. He did not even visit the hospital for his medical check-up but he was given medicines that his family believes will really cure his disease. When Kara checked these medicines, they are just food supplements and not actually the right medicine  The family really wished to let him visit the hospital for his medication. Unfortunately, the road going to the provincial hospital is not that good enough to pass through. Lowel’s family is living in the mountain, and going down is a very hard journey. Luckily, the neighborhood of Lowel has great hearts. They volunteer to carry Lowel to go down to the mountain using the “duyan” or an improvised stretcher. They did not use wheels, but went down barefoot. They walk patiently in the rough and saddle road. Even though they are already tired, Ms. Kara never heard of any complaints from them. Their way of expressing their want to help in terms of urgent cases inspires Ms. Kara David. She witnessed how the Bansud people care for each other. They are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of the needy. They are just simple people; they don’t live in a civilized province. They don’t have ambulance but their hands and feet are ready to help anytime because of the “ambulansyang de paa.

This is the sad plight of our country wherein even the media is controlled by the few powerful people who only want to perpetuate their hegemony.  I truly hope that one day our media will begin to tell us what is in the interest of the many who suffer rather than what is in the interest of those that employ them. And What the documentary underscores is the tenacity of the Filipino spirit in the face of adversity. Many have been left to fend for themselves just to survive. Whether forgotten or bumped further down in the priority list of the government we just don’t know. Furthermore, it’s a wake up call to the national and local government to address these issues.

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