Phil 201 Study Guide
Topics: Philosophy / Pages: 10 (2451 words) / Published: Aug 27th, 2012

The Importance of Philosophy in General

Lesson Overview

Having discussed what philosophy is, we now consider why it is important to study philosophy. We will divide our discussion into 2 parts: (1) Why is it important for all persons in general and (2) Why is it specifically important for Christians to study philosophy? We begin, in true philosophic fashion, by examining the question itself: what we do mean by philosophy being important and we introduce the idea of the philosophic mindset. We then examine 5 reasons why it is important for all persons to adopt the philosophic mindset. We will end by providing an overview of the different branches of philosophy.


Read and take notes from chapter 2 of Philosophy: Critically Thinking about Foundational Beliefs, “Why is Philosophy Important?” As you read, make sure you understand the following points and questions:

• What is meant by the philosophical mindset?
~An attitude or approach to life that involves regularly examining beliefs to ascertain what they mean, if they are true, and what value they have. Could mean taking a course or reading philosophers, but is more than that. It is adoping a new habit as a way of life. “Plausability structure” term by Peter Berger, which means today’s messages are subtly embedded in our culture. We are adopting beliefs without much reflection.
~Phil mindset approaches new info critically. Questioning, reflecting, and considering the meaning, value and truthfulness of what we see, read and hear.
~To adopt a phil mindset is to recognize that phil is not just an academic activity within a college course. May be starting point, but really thinking philosophically entails a specific approach to the whole life.

• How does the job/vocation analogy apply to adopting the philosophical mindset?
~Analogy of job vs. vocation: job is task performed to receive compensation. Not something one is tied to in a personal way. Vocation, however, is a

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