PHI 103 Week1 Discussion 2

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Reasoning Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: September 24, 2013
The study of logic can aid us understand the advantages of critical thinking and reasoning. It also helps us create valid points in order to make a quality argument. “Logic examines the structure and content of arguments, and helps describe various kinds of arguments. It also evaluates those arguments, seeing why good arguments work and why bad arguments fail,” it says in our textbook ( Mosser, 2011, Sec. 1.1). When I reflect about the debate over whether prayer should be allowed in public school automatically refer to my faith. Unfortunately this is not logical but more personal. This is why the topic is such a sensitive one. Although we all have our own beliefs we cannot force prayer on someone else. At the same time, we should not tell someone that they cannot prayer. If we keep our thoughts unbiased on both sides of an argument we can better understand each other based on the premises and the conclusion. My mom always said there is a logical reason for everything. There are arguments all around us. It states in our text that, “Logic cannot guarantee that we will win all of our arguments, but it can help us determine when we have good reasons for something and when we do not.” (Mosser, 2011, Sec.1.3). Using logic basically allows us to recognize a suitable debate, the kind of argument, and what reasons may or may not be applicable to the conclusion. Besides that, we need facts to be put into an argument to determine truth. Just because an argument is valid does not necessarily mean it is true.
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