Phesant Analysis

Topics: Narcissistic personality disorder, Personality disorder, Rhyme Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Sylvia Plath

The poem, , has a theme, which is talking about a complex relationship of Plath. Plath uses pheasant as a symbol for representing her complicating complex. This poem also conveys of realism of nature, which reflects to the reality of a human being.

This poem consists of 8 identical stanzas. Each stanza contains 3 lines. It has an irregular rhyme scheme and an imperfect rhyme.

Plath starts off the poem directly. The first word of the poem, “You”, reveals that Plath is having a conversation or a negotiation with someone. The first 2 lines in the poem depict a serious but quiet atmosphere with slight grudges. Thus, Plath has shown a tone of pleading, reflected by the phrase “Do not kill it”. Then, the poem comes up with a run-on verse. It reveals Plath is emphasizing the idea here. “The jut of that odd, dark head” obviously is portraying the appearance of a pheasant. It also illustrates that Plath sees a pheasant, whose head is staying upon the uncut grass, is pacing around. Plath also sets a foil to the peaceful atmosphere by the slow pace of the pheasant. There is a great dichotomy with the first line of the poem. The ambiance has been changed abruptly.

The following lines show that Plath is talking with somebody softly, not owing to forgiveness, it is because Plath seems like suffering from hell pain and weak to convey words. “I am not mystical”, the first line in third stanza, indicates that Plath is connecting to spiritual aspect of thing, perhaps like God. And then, Plath is referring to the pheasant. Plath “thought it had a spirit” and “in its element”. The concept of Plath is that the pheasant belongs to the nature, as it is an element of it. Plath implicitly conveys that if the peasant need to end up its life, it should be caused naturally but not by any man-cause. That’s what Plath is halting somebody from killing the pheasant.

In the forth stanza, Plath perhaps depicts that pheasant is a paramount, wonderful creature in...
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