Phd Syllabus of Kumaun University

Topics: Scientific method, Academic publishing, Computer Pages: 3 (505 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Ph.D. Syllabus Paper-I (research Methodology)

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Scientific Process: Meaning and Definition, a brief history of scientific process. Introduction of Research Methodology: Meaning of research, objectives of research, types of research, significance of research, problems encountered by researchers in India. Research Problem: Definition, necessity and techniques of defining research problem. Formulation of research problem. Objectives of research problem. Research Design: Meaning, need and features of good research design. Types of Research Designs, Basic Principles of Experimental Designs. Design of experiments. Synopsis design for research topic. Sampling Designs: Census and Sample surveys, Different types of sample designs, characteristics of good sample design. Techniques of selecting a random sample. Editing, Data Collection and Validation: Primary and secondary data. Methods of collecting primary and secondary data. Importance and methods of editing and data validation. Hypothesis: Definition, testing of hypothesis, procedures of hypothesis testing, flow diagram for hypothesis testing, Parametric and non-parametric tests for testing of hypothesis, Limitations of tests of hypothesis. Paper/Thesis Writing and Report Generation: Basic concepts of paper/ thesis writing and report generation, review of literature, Concepts of Bibliography and References, significance of report writing, steps of report writing, Types of Research reports, Methods of presentation of report. Computer Applications: Fundamentals of computers- definition, types of computers, RAM, ROM, CPU, I/O devices. Number system- binary, octal and hexadecimal, base conversion. Logic gates- AND, OR, NOT. Date Structure- array, stack (push, pop), queue (insert, delete), linked list- singly, doubly. Operating system- definition, types of OS. Use of software- MS Office- Power Point, WORD and EXCEL and ACCESS. Field and Computer hazards: viruses, misuse of internet, hacking. Field hazards....
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