Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Homicide Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Colorado Technical University
CJUS290 – 1404A - 03
Phase 2 IP
By: Shaquan Holloway

Ken who was diagnosed with AIDS and gave it to several women including Barbie who died from the disease should be convicted of a homicide. Ken knew he had the disease and initially having unprotected sex with women he wanted to spread the deadly disease so he should be punished for it. There was a case in Georgia where a man was charged with two counts of HIV-reckless conduct because he didn’t inform his partners that he had HIV. Reckless HIV is a felony under Georgia law and punishable by up to 10 years in prison (WSBTV). I think when people are diagnosed with the disease that they go into a depression and stop caring and start infecting people to make them feel better about themselves. They know they are going to die so they don’t care they give it too and I think they celebrate when they find victims to spread it to. That’s like a serial killer who stalks his victims and goes on a killing spree, and people who have AIDS or HIV and spread it to other people are going the same things as a serial killer because they are killing their victims in the long run. AIDS is a disease that can’t be cured and if a person knows he/she has it and spreads it to others they should get the same convictions as murderers. If Barbie doesn’t die from the disease I think Ken still should be charged with manslaughter or attempted murder. I think he should be charged with a homicide because even if nobody died she still would eventually die from the disease in the future. A homicide is where in a case somebody was murdered, but I think they should look at the aftermath of victims when it comes to cases like this one because the victim will suffer until the day they die and that’s similar to murder. I think the most serious offense Lori could be convicted of is first degree murder because even though it wasn’t premeditated it was her and her father’s idea to take him out of his...

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