Phase 3 Individual Project

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Methane Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: June 22, 2013

Phase 3 Individual Project
Instructor: Clement Yedjou
SCI210-1301B-09: The Sciences: Inquiry, Innovation and Invention Donald R. Wallace Jr.
Monday, June 10, 2013

The ‘Greenhouse effect’ is gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that absorb infrared radiation that makes the world temperature increase more than it would be without the gases. In understanding the ‘Greenhouse effect’ there is a couple of ways to comprehend this occurrence. The first is there are some gasses that absorb infrared radiation from the Earth that is in the atmosphere. This warms the gasses up and radiates energy causing to heat the surface of the Earth. The second is these gasses in the atmosphere that are engrossing infrared radiation coming from the surface of the earth make the atmosphere more impervious to the radiation. This reaction is creating a wall thwarting most transmission from the surface of the Earth into the depths of outer space. Some of this radiation still escapes into space; however it is occurring much higher in the atmosphere where it is much colder which means radiates less.

In both the ideas they incorporate major reduction of the flow of energy from the Earth’s surface located in the lower atmosphere, in the form of radiation being released into space. There would be more releasing of radiation into space if there were dramatically less ‘Greenhouse gasses’ in the atmosphere. With a major energy flow reductions due to the ‘Greenhouse gasses’ the Earth maintains a higher temperature staying warmer that it should.

In a period of time the Earth achieves a temperature that would allow it to radiate away the same amount of energy it received from the Sun’s rays. However, when the ‘Greenhouse gasses’ change it increases the time for the planet to cool or warm enough to reestablish that energy balance between Earth and the sun. The concentration rates of the ‘Greenhouse Gasses’ change...

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