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Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical formulation Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: December 7, 2012

Intended Major: M.S. in Pharmaceutics
Semester: Fall 2010

“The Knowledge of what one wants and desires to possess it, Injects a person with energy and power to reach it” The last decade has been an absolutely exciting time in the journey of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. With the signing of the General Agreement of Trade and Tariff and the World Trade Organization Treaty, India agreed to recognize both product and process patents. This made patented drugs with a modified process. Due to this, India has developed tremendous competitive edge in the manufacturing bulk drugs and formulations. These abundant opportunities with their challenges are where I see myself making a contribution to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and in turn the world at large. How and why require just brief journey into my past. Family & Education

Since schooling days, I have had a curiosity to know how drugs are formulated and how they act. My parents have always been a strong inspiration for me and have given me the full freedom to choose my career. It was my dream to attain a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy as it opened up many possibilities and interesting challenges for the reason that Pharmaceutical sciences are the roots of many interesting scientific subjects. During my High School Tenure, I secured 86% in S.S.C examination which sought me an admission to the Science Stream. My innate propensity towards science stimulated me to take up PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY in high school education and completed it with 81%. A strong inclination towards chemistry and drug formulations has propelled me to take up Bachelors degree in Pharmacy at VIJAYA COLLEGE  OF PHARMACY, affiliated   to JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD. Besides being one of the most reputed Universities in India. The syllabus content is among the best in India, and it has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core of the Course with a strong conceptual understanding of the...
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