Topics: Nursing, Nursing care plan, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Learning OutcomesCognitive Level# of Questions
Be able to recall key components of the Movie, Florence Nightingale. Remember2 Chapter One - Volume 1: Explain the role of the Military in the development of the Nursing Profession Understand

Chapter One – Volume 1: Give four examples of influential nursing organizationsUnderstand1 Chapter One- Volumes 1 & 2 & Electronic Study Guide: Describe the healthcare delivery system in the United States including sites for care, types of workers, regulation and financing of healthcareUnderstand3 Chapter One – Volume 1: Name nine expanded roles for nursingUnderstand1 Chapter Two – Volume 1: Describe what the nurse is doing in each phase of the Nursing Process. Understand2 Chapter Two – Volume 1: Explain how critical thinking is used in the Nursing Process. Understand2 Chapter Two – Volume 1: Discuss and give examples of the difference between: practical/procedural knowledge and theoretical knowledgeApplication1 Chapter Two – Volume 1: Explain how nursing knowledge, nursing process and critical thinking work together in full-spectrum nursingUnderstand & Application2

Chapter Three – Volume 1: Name three requirements of The Joint Commission regarding patient assessmentRemember & Application1 Chapter Three – Volume 1: Define and give examples of: Initial, Ongoing, Comprehensive and Focused AssessmentsApplication2 Chapter Three – Volume 1: Explain the importance of Discharge Planning AssessmentApplication1 Chapter Three – Volume 1: List 5 special needs assessments and state when or why you would use themApplication1 Chapter Three – Volume 1: Identify the following types of Data: Subjective, Objective, Primary Source and Secondary SourceUnderstand1 Chapter Three – Volume 1: Describe the difference between Directive and Nondirective InterviewingUnderstand1 Chapter Three – Volume 1: Compare and contrast open-ended and questions including definitions, uses, advantages, and...
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