Pharmaceutical Science and My Interest in Chemistry

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I pursued bachelor of pharmacy from Sarada Vilas College of pharmacy, Mysore One of the best academic institutions for pharmacy under Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences.

Prospective Interest------ chemistry

Pharmaceutical science is a multi faceted field, which incorporates a myriad number of subjects, which Include biotechnology, physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, molecular biology so on and so forth. But one field that stands out in its contribution to pharmacy is chemistry. The four years of my course work in B-pharmacy have convinced me of the fact that pharmaceutical research is on a pedestal whose weight is borne to a maximum extent by chemistry. The contribution of chemistry is ever increasing. The advent of proteomics and computational sciences including molecular modeling studies have given a new attire to applied chemistry and their range of application and potential for research motives me to take chemical sciences as my major.

It is also logical of me to choose chemistry as a major because I have a firm belief that I can ultimately come well in pharmacy only if I am well equipped with the very groundwork that supports it.

I am fully aware of the commitment and perseverance required for the research and believe that my aptitude and confidence will see me through the challenge. I am also confident that given an opportunity, I can contribute to the ongoing work in your graduate program in a productive manner.

I hope my credentials are found worthy of admission hopefully with financial aid at your esteemed University. Admission to the department of chemistry at our university could well be that golden foundation upon which the entire edifice of my scientific career rests.

I am eager to pursue my quest for knowledge by supplementing my bachelor’s degree with a master’s Degree followed by a doctoral program.

My schooling at JNM high school has given me the initial proclivity towards chemical...
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