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Topics: Medicine, Cannabis, Pharmaceutical drug, Prohibition, Drug, Pharmacology / Pages: 3 (540 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2014
I had decided to take this course to form a critical perspective on the policies implemented by our government in regards to drug patents, generic medication and their preferential treatment towards pharmaceutical companies.
A major drug policy issue concerning Canadians today is the legalization of cannabis. Undeterred by nearly a century of prohibition, millions of Canadians consume cannabis regularly. While the ban of cannabis creates billions of dollars in expenses, which are exhausted on ineffective anti-drug efforts and has caused criminal activities such as gang violence and weapons smuggling. This in turn has placed a tremendous financial burden on our society. By legalizing cannabis, organized crime will take a financial blow, thereby reducing the opportunity for youth to join gangs, potentially lowering crime rates and creating safer neighborhoods.
The policies exempting therapeutic use of cannabis are compulsory because of the current regulations. By legalizing cannabis, we can effectively remove our current policy on legal use of cannabis that has proven difficult to manage for countless patients, doctors, designated growers, civic authorities and law enforcement. Furthermore, the provincial and municipal governments should have parallel regulatory approaches to cannabis that supports considerable federal accountability for cannabis jurisdiction while valuing provincial health authority, local concerns and practices.
Cannabis would benefit the Canadian economy greatly by generating billions in revenue and creating new jobs for thousands of Canadians, who will find employment directly and indirectly. Adding billions in new government revenue, which can be reinvested into public health care such as mental illness, treatment, education and awareness. Subsidizing cannabis would profit the government along with regulated tax. In addition to saving tax dollars by decriminalizing it, substituting the federal medical cannabis program with a different legal

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