Pharmaceutical Companies

Topics: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry, Drug Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Are the world’s pharmaceutical companies heroes or villains? Pharmaceutical companies affect individuals all over the world a various amount. It could be like many of the 300 million people who live in America whose lives are greatly affected by pharmaceutical companies week in week out. Or it could be like some of the rest of the world’s population whose only interaction with pharmaceutical companies is when they buy the drugs over the counter. There are countless debates going on about whether or not the companies are heroes or villains according to the work they do in various countries around the world. There are many people who would argue the fact that the pharmaceutical companies in the world are villains. They may declare this because the companies charge a very large amount for the branded drugs that they produce. The branded drugs can cost up to 30x more than their generic drug equivalent which would impact on the person buying the drugs especially they needed lots of different drugs. Throughout their existence, pharmaceutical companies have focused their research into developing vaccines and medicines for diseases of affluence as this is where they are able to make the most money out of. This greatly impacts on the lives of many of the people who suffer from diseases that aren’t as a result of affluence such as HIV/Aids, TB and malaria. These people who catch these particular diseases have a very minimal chance of beating the disease as the drug companies don’t invest as much money on finding the vaccines or medicines for this disease. Pharmaceuticals also can give themselves a bad reputation as they can bury some of the results from research that they have conducted. This means that when the companies do research into the potential effects of the drugs that they have developed and produced, they may find some evidence of potentially dangerous side effects which could harm the customers. The companies may then proceed to ‘bury’ the research so the...
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