Pharaoh Essay

Topics: Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Akhenaten, Thutmose III, Pharaoh, Hatshepsut / Pages: 3 (678 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2010
Pharaoh Essay After watching the videos and reading about each pharaoh in the book, I thought about it and all of the pharaohs did something that I liked. It was tough trying to pick which ones stood out. I think that Amenhotep and Hatshepsut are at the top of my list. The next two that I would choose to be at the top are Akenhaten and Remses II. The last ones I would choose ate Tutankhamen, Tutmosis III, and Kamos. Overall I couldn’t tell you who I prefer the best. My selection was based off a few different things. For all the pharaohs it seemed to go well when war was not going on. The reason that I put Amenhotep III at the beginning was because he showed peace and how much he wanted to provide peace to his people. He was very smart about he brought up peace in the way that he didn’t go to war to prove he wanted it he used his words. He let people know what was happening and wanted to keep his people involved as much as possible. My opinion on Hatshepsut is that she should be the second best because she was the first female that was ever a pharaoh. She made a goal to go out get noticed and make history and I think she did so. She got out to other countries and spoke to them about what she had in mind. She was also a peacemaker. She made temples, and had one of the most memorable tombs of the time. Akenhaten was third in my book because he wasn’t just a pharaoh but he was more down to earth and not looked high on like some of the other pharaohs. One of the accomplishments he had was he created a new capital that was eight miles long. He was the most powerful king and was the first to believe in one god. Remses II was my fourth choice because he was like a warrior. He was one to rather have peace then war. One thing he did was lie to people about what happened at the battle to make himself sound like an amazing warrior which I am not sure who else would of done that. He built one of the most amazing temples that had 134 columns.

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