Phantom of the Opera

Topics: Beowulf, Jesus, Grendel's mother Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: December 16, 2012
(Movie Reaction)

Beowulf is an early Anglo-Saxon epic poem that reflects the life of the Anglo-Saxons. In like matter, their culture, custom, persona, values and their ways of life are shown and exposed. Beowulf happened during the Anno Domini or the Year of the Lord so the Anglo-Saxons believe in Jesus Christ, the Christian God. Moreover, they deem on fate that all of us will reach our Ragnarok. Beowulf is a man as well as a hero who is the perfect image and individual for the Anglo-Saxons. As time passed by, Beowulf was adapted into a movie but there were changes in the story. Hence, Beowulf is one of the oldest and greatest epic of all which shows never-ending struggle between good and evil.

Beowulf in the movie and in the book version is somewhat different. However, the story is still the same because the true meaning and message of the story remains. For instance, in the movie, Grendel was the son of King Hrothgar but in the book, Grendel is the descendant of Cain, the first murderer. We can also see at the movie that Cain is present. Cain there is Hunferth’s servant and the one who found the Red Dragon Horn. Similarly, the Fire Dragon in the movie is also Beowulf’s son but then again it is different in the book. Grendel as shown in the movie is irritated and annoyed by the noise and merrymaking in Heorot that’s why the reason why Grendel attacked it but it was not stated in the book why Grendel assault the Mead Hall. The people there are also known by the name of their fathers. For example, Beowulf was named son of Edgethow by King Hrothgar. In Beowulf’s reply to Hunferth’s taunt, Beowulf mentioned that Hunferth, son of Ecglaf, killed his own two brothers which were not affirmed in the book. After Grendel’s death, Grendel’s mother killed many people and thanes in their land and so the next day, Beowulf went to the root of all evil. In the book, Beowulf was able to kill Grendel’s mother; however, in the movie, Beowulf was tempted by her that...
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