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The body should be considered as a path of success rather than a prison

The scene began fist with the meeting of Echecrates and Phaedo talking about the last day of Socrates. Phaedo who was there explains in details what happened in that day. He began by saying that the day before they heard the guardian saying that the ship that Athens sent to Delos arrived. This ship explains the delay that occurred between the trial and the death of Socrates, indeed there is a law that prohibits any execution to keep the city “pure” until the ship reaches Delos and returns. After this brief introduction Phaedo begins naming the people who were with Socrates as Echecrates wanted to know every details of this day as he wasn’t there and that no one told him anything apart that Socrates died by drinking the hemlock. After a little discussion Phaedo aimed at what Socrates said about the relationship with the gods as being similar to a master-slave relationship. First Socrates pointed that the soul is locked up in the body, and that we ought to respect this situation and that escaping from it would be an opposition of what gods want. He pushed the idea further by giving an example, If you have something that you own which is referred to the souls as a proprieties of gods, you won’t accept that your possessions be destroyed by themselves as they are yours, which is the suicide of a person to escape from the body.

This definitely wasn’t the case of what the philosopher David Hume believed when he argued that” the body is a person's property and he may decide what to do with it. If one is forced to live against his will, the basic right of free will is violated” (Campos) Which I think is wrong as we truly belong to god and that suicide is not a right, but rather living is an obligation for us. Cebes seemed convinced by the idea but pointed something that Socrates said that I think is very important. Socrates said that one should...

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