PH Level

Topics: PH, Base, Acid Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Cesar Bizarroque
Wesam Daker
Bio 1107k-11
How pH levels impact tyrosinase activity

Abstract: The purpose of our research utilizing the different pH levels was to test how a specific pH level would impact tyrosinase activity. First we added 4.0 mL of pH in each corresponding test tube and then added 0.5 mL of substrate (catechol) into each test tube. In the instructions it says to apply your 0.5 mL of tyrosinase (potato extract) as well but you have to blank the spectrophotometer before. The results from this experiment confirms that our hypothesis of a neutral pH displaying a stronger impact on tyrosinase is true. According to our results the pH levels at a more neutral state showed a greater reaction compared to pH levels that are highly acidic or highly alkaline. Introduction: Catechol (C6H6O2) is a colorless and crystalline chemical that is used by agricultural industries of certain products and occurs naturally in some foods. According to EPA, “Catechol is used as a photographic developer, a developer for fur dyes, as an intermediate for antioxidants in rubber, in polymerization inhibitors and in pharmaceuticals. However, when catechol is exposed and comes in contact with human skin it can cause a physical reaction on skin. Tyrosinase (potato extract) is derived from the potato and the extract itself is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. According to WebMD, people take raw potato juice for stomach disorders and water retention. However if the potato is damaged or if there are any sprouts, these potatoes may contain a variety of poisonous chemicals that cannot be eliminated through cooking. As we began our experiment and were given our tyrosinase, this was isolated by the potato and then our substrate (catechol); we labeled our materials used which were 10 test tubes and a couple of beakers for storage/waste. We also must be aware that the tyrosinase (potato extract) and substrate (catechol) have to kept in ice in order to avoid any...

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